Yay! I held another beautiful baby today. Sweet Eleanor=o) My day is always a good day when it starts with some newborn time with a precious babe. Still at work as the sun is about to go down for the day and I still have a long night of work ahead. I am working very hard this week!! Seeing such a beautiful sunset is making me even more anxious for constant warm weather and outdoor shoots...this lady is definitely ready! And no I will not complain that it is too hot once this summer after the surprise snow out my window yesterday morning...that followed a week of playground time and sunset campfires. But all in all today was a good day..despite the slightly chilly weather...at least there was no snow. Meeting Eleanor today was great...she is one strong willed little lady..she definitely wanted her  arms to go where she wanted and not where I did but she did a wonderful job and we got some really beautiful images which I will share at the bottom of this post=o)! Her parents picked out a simply beautiful name for her<3 It reminds me of a song written by one of my favorite bands...no it is not the Beatles lol...even though I do love some Beatles=o) Its a song written by the Avett Brothers called "A Fathers First Spring" ....here is a lyric excerpt I want to share

"I never lived till I lived in your light
And my heart never beat like it does at the sight
Of you baby blue, God blessed your life.
I do not live 'less I live in your life.
I do not live 'less I live in your life.

The realest thing I ever felt
Was the blood on the floor and the love in your yell.
I was a child before
The day that I met Eleanor."

I love this song...I believe it describes a father going from a child to a man...realizing that he is not giving up his life to be a father but living for his new daughter...her world is now his world<3 I cant say it enough...becoming a new parent is one of the most amazing transformations...I love to meet new parents..you can see their glow and the amazing love that is about to burst out of them every time they look at and hold this new tiny life=o) 

I hope everyone else has had as good a day as mine=o) Dont miss the sunset!

Now some photos of Eleanor....