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My Story

1. Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
2. Strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity”-Henry Hartman...  And last but not least…. “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”-John Lennon...  These are just a few words, quotes, phrases, I have become familiar with since the start of my journey=o)14 years ago I discovered my passion for art. Actually long before that but who’s counting=o) I could rehash all the events from then until now but that seems like a lifetime ago. I just know that every minute and every opportunity has led me to exactly where I am in this moment. It all happened in its own timing by divine intervention. I am EXACTLY where I am meant to be. 4 years ago I gave birth to my son. At that moment I realized that my life was not half over…but that my life had actually just begun. The glass half full not half empty theory…. I rediscovered passion for many things that had been lost. I believe life sometimes has a way of making us forget our dreams we once had. I believe this is because we don’t remember to live in the here and now and they are lost along the way. Every moment in our life is fleeting. What they say about it going faster the older you get…its totally true. Those older wiser people really knew what they were talking about! Life gets in the way of passion sometimes…it’s because we all have an idea of what were are supposed to be when we grow up and how our life is supposed to happen that we don’t listen to our hearts all the time. Then before we know it we spend 40 hours a week (most of our life) at a job we don’t love. Sometimes we ignore the passion anyways and regret it later in the last days of our life…or we realize that we have absolutely nothing to lose and face fear head on and go for it! We have a choice. Sometimes we just need the courage to make it.I am happy to say I made that choice with my heart. And that doesn't mean everything is coming up roses. Nothing good comes without a struggle or a fight…and sometimes the struggle is always there pushing you to be the best you can be and forcing you to make that choice every day… so your dream is not forgotten again. It is so easy to forget how we thought as a child. The things we loved and hoped set along the wayside when responsibilities came in….that is part of my inspiration for The Dreaming Tree. Do you remember playing outside as a child? All day till the sun went down? No worries? No fears? Total innocence. If only those moments could be remembered. That is one thing that fascinates me about photography… the ability to capture those moments and keep a part of them forever. The ability to take a picture of the beauty that we see that moves us and share it with someone else. I am fortunate to feel like I am living my dream… which is happiness and a life of love. Every day I can wake up and feel like my life is not wasted. I can help someone else to remember all the important moments of their lives that can be so easily forgotten…to take a picture of these events. A photograph is so nostalgic and brings back so many memories of a lifetime forgotten. And it helps us to remember part of our story that brought us to the exact moment we are at today. People have always fascinated me.  We are all connected in some way. We all have the same passions and desires in our hearts. When I photograph such an important event in my client’s lives I feel connected to them. Some I feel like I have known them all my life…when the truth is we just met a few minutes prior to that amazing milestone. I love that I get to be involved in these extremely special moments that make up someone else’s story and lives. I am honored to have someone let me in on these special moments…the birth of their baby when just a short year ago their first child was not born…Or the day a bride has been dreaming of and planning since her first love broke her heart and she finally met her true love…the one who loves and respects everything about her…. a first birthday of a child that is over before you know it…. and suddenly that child is graduating from high school and leaving the nest….. the launch of someone else’s new business and passion. I am honored to get to share in these moments every day. My name is Kylie. I am first and foremost a mother, a wife, and a child of god. I am a family women and am lucky enough to have a husband who shares the same passion for art as I do. He is an amazing potter and helps me pursue my passion by helping me with my business. Who better  to assist me in these moments then someone with the same vision and love for my business as me.  I am also  dreamer…a hopeless romantic…I have a special place in my heart for the people in my life…involved large and small…I give my thanks to GOD everyday…I would not be here without him and I know that everything is in his time. I love when my son belly laughs with me….when I see a new mother holding her child and know that her life is completely changed in the most wonderful way possible. I love a glass of wine and an uplifting book…good music is a must every day! It lifts up your soul and can mend a broken heart….and rainy days are my absolute favorite!(when I don’t have a shoot of course!)I would like you to get to know me not just as your photographer but on a more personal level. Because let’s face it…the job that you are hiring me for is a very personal and important role. I am recording a great memory in the vast span of your lifetime. And I’m not sure just anyone qualifies for this job. I believe you want someone who realizes the importance of these moments…and treats them with love, care, and respect=o)While writing this I came across an AMAZING quote…the author is unknown…The quote says…. “The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.” By getting to share in these moments and be a small part of your lives…I am forever changed and touched every day. And you all have a special place in my heart. Thank you for allowing me that privilege. The career choice that I made for my life was not simply to take photographs….but to make the choice to be moved by something every day.

Peace & Love,

Kylie K. Gardner